Thought Cops: Episode 57

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Welcome to Episode 57 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Deputy Josh, who makes up 100% of our South Korean fan base. Everyone give him a big “Konnichiwa.”

Before we start off about this week, some news and announcements. First off, hello to any and all new listeners. This weekend alone, both Thought Cops were on Asterios’s Kokkino’s’s Science Friction bonus episode, Engineer Riley’s podcast Anti-Social Engineering, and Officer Grant was on an episode of Dick Masterson’s The Dick Show. So if you’re from any of those places: welcome, and hope you enjoy the show! Don’t forget to subscribe and rate us on iTunes if you wish. We’re glad to have you.

THIS WEEK though, we’re outraged about people trademarking Mundane Phrases™, overly performative reaction videos to video games and anime, and strangely beautiful halo brows.

This episode we begin a new segment called “Beef Before Potatoes,” in which we start a beef with Rucka Rucka Ali for posting this obscene plagiarism of our logo. Catch him alive and turn him in and we’ll give you a free bonus episode.

We also share our thoughts on the Oscars, Brooklyn Barbecue taking over the world, McDonald’s flipping its logo upside down because Wario took over the company, Tupac being boring, white supremacist podcasts, and inclusion riders. This is one you’re not going to want to miss.

Don’t forget to drop us a voicemail at 312-788-7361. If that’s the wrong number, please don’t call it and pretend to be Osama Bin Laden. Also follow us on Twitter if you haven’t already, at @realthoughtcops for all your outrage needs.

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Fire Bros: Episode 1

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Welcome to Fire Bros! For those of you not in the know, each month we’re doing a bonus episode that you can find for $2 a month or higher on our Patreon.

While on the main show Thought Cops we talk about internet outrage from week to week, Fire Bros is a monthly show where we review and talk about different content we like, whether that be movies, television shows, video games, books, or whatever else. If the content isn’t deemed acceptable by us, we burn it.

This episode, we’re talking Black Panther, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the third season of Rick and Morty. The show is a lot different from the main show, it’s a little more relaxed, less angry, and a little more positive. As we continue to work on it, we’re more than happy to accept any suggestions for content you’d like to see reviewed, or things you’d like to hear discussed. Like always, comment below, email us at, or drop us a voicemail at 312-788-7361.

The theme song is by Officer Grant again, but it’s not 100% complete yet. Consider it an acoustic version, until we have the time to fully record and mix the full version.

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Thought Cops: Episode 56

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Welcome to Episode 56 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Mike Mancini of The Black Sheep and formerly of Booze Before Noon, R.I.P. in Peace. Booze Before Noon, not Mike Mancini.

This episode, we’re talking Porn Viruses, the use of the “n-word” while studying law at DePaul, fat-shaming cancer research ads, @carloscruz2016, boners sticking out of sleeping bags, Kim Kardashian’s anime obsession, and much, much more.

Thanks for listening!

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Thought Cops: Episode 55

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Welcome to Episode 55 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Gumshoe Russel from Surf Party USA.

This episode, we pour ourselves a nice cold glass of chocolate milk to celebrate diversity, as we talk about Gucci Turbans, Fergie destroying America’s freedom, people proving Steven Crowder wrong, and Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza takes some grieving teenagers down a peg. Here’s a live video of that:

Also, here’s an awesome animation B. Cupcheeks did for us. Check him out on Instagram.

In case you need some brain bleach after this week, we’ll be recording our first ever bonus episode this upcoming weekend. You can find it at for the low price of $2 a month. So sign up and stay tuned.

Like always, drop us a subscribe and a review on iTunes, leave us a voicemail at 312-788-7361, and follow our Twatter.

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Thought Cops: Episode 54

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Welcome to Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by our show’s Stenographer, who still hasn’t done a single transcript of the show. We’re going to drop her pay another 7%. What’s 7% of zero?

Speaking of pay, make sure to sign up for our Patreon, at We’re going to do our first bonus episode in the next week or two, and it’s only $2. Hurry while supplies last! We’ve already started doing live streams of the episodes, which we’ll be doing every week.

This episode, we’re talking about Bitcoin carnivores, the “RANCH!” meme, people watching Netflix while walking on public sidewalks, the Peter Rabbit controversy, and the Obama portraits.

Thanks to everyone who’s left reviews on iTunes recently. If you haven’t yet, you can do so here. Thanks and gahbless.

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Thought Cops: Episode 53

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Welcome to Thought Cops, Episode 53! This week we’re joined by Biggest Mikey of the Biggest Mikey Podcast! You can find him on Twitter, Youtube, Patreon, iTunes, and fuckin a hundred other places if you Google his name. So make sure to give his show a listen, I think fans of this show would enjoy his show very much.

This episode, Mikey helps us take down people in online bloodsports, people who use the fake movie format meme, and idiotic scientific studies that only serve to project a cartoonish worldview, much like you would see on Toon Town.

But this week’s top story is Black Panther getting a bad review. One person gave the movie a 3/5 on Rotten Tomatoes, and humanity decided to give him a 1/5 as a person. We’re currently working on getting Rotten Tomatoes taken off the internet. We also talk about non-crunching, quiet, lady-Doritos that may or may not exist, and the backlash against Amy Schumer’s new movie. Because although Amy Schumer is fat and ugly, she’s not fat enough and not ugly enough for some people. Yeah, you read that right.

We’re gearing up to do our first bonus episode on Patreon, so make sure to subscribe here. We’ll do at least one every month, and they’re only $2. With “Thought Cops” being 1984 related, the name of the bonus episodes are going to be something having to do with Fahrenheit 451. Expect to see the first one within a month.

We’re also working on a new logo, so make sure to SUBSCRIBE TO US ON PATREON so we can pay for it!


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Thought Cops: Episode 52

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Welcome to episode 52 of Thought Cops! This week, we’re joined by Dave Pretendo of SephirothSword57 fame. Here’s one of his hilarious videos regarding the recent Logan Paul controversy. Take a look:

This week, considering we’ve hit episode 52, marks almost a year since we started the podcast. So to celebrate that, we’re announcing our very own PATREON! To give you the rundown, we have different rewards for monthly bonus episodes, behind the scenes videos, and much more! All the money we collect from the Patreon will go back into paying for the show’s expenses, like the RSS feed and web hosting. Make sure to check it out and donate a couple bucks so we can continue to make this show the best it can be.

Like always, thanks for listening. Please make sure to subscribe and review us on iTunes. Call us at 312-788-7361 and leave us a voicemail. Oh, and SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PATREON!

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